I Am, I Be

Take a stance, reach a decision, make a choice, follow a path.
Or don't.

Drink, or be a teetotaller. Carnivore, vegetarian. Feminist, traditionalist. Smoker, smoke-frantic-wave-offer. Mac/PC. Idlis loses to eggsontoast beats Porridge&cereal. I bike...Ha! but I drive. Kurta-jhola?No,no, torn jeans and slingbags! Writer, reader, listener. Happy-clappy fights show-me-a-miracle-now. Tolkien against Joyce. Socio? maybe Physics? maybe Stats. Dylan acoustic v Dylan electric. Couch potato hate lycra-lover.

You do or you don't.
You say or you don't.
You believe or you don't.
You are or you aren't.

On and on and on. Always with the making a choice.

And that's what defines us. Or that's how the world chooses to define us.

And look what a lovely little world we've made of it, eh?

Maybe we should just be more often.
Be more neutral, or be more everything.
Take a stance less often. Or learn some newer stances.
Make fewer choices. Or make more choices.
Reach that little twist in perception where you no longer have to choose between the choices. Or where you can choose all the choices.

I am, I be. And I refuse to be defined by my choices.

....except for mangoes. One is most decidedly all for mangoes. Make of that what you will.


Mudra said...

:) While I like the idea, I do think it's practically impossible. It's also how we define ourselves, isn't it?

NightWatchmen said...

Aah but we agree with Hobbes more "Redheads, I love readheads!!"

And mangoes well there are mangoes and then there are mangoes. At that I am wondering if a common mango would be called an "aam aam".......

km said...

Dylan acoustic v Dylan electric.

What? No Dylan semi-acoustic?

Phantasmagoria said...

Of course that's the only thing Krishna noticed!

km said...

Ph: jeez, stop picking on me. I am a sensitive soul, you know :)

The Bride said...

I hate choices. But only because I have them.

??! said...

The key word being 'practically'. Sure it's tough, but what isn't?

And tuna sandwiches? Also? groaaaaaan. You are now initiated into the Bad Punners Club.

That's way too many choices.

Hi! And what the old man said.

The Bride:
And you'd hate it if you didn't too eh?

The Bride said...

Are you asking me to choose?

??! said...

Do I have a choice in the matter?

The Bride said...

we-ell, on the one hand...

Shefaly said...

Sometimes choices are just false. Life is not ĂȘtre our avoir but ĂȘtre et avoir. To be and to have.

DewdropDream said...

Ermm but... one chooses to be, no?

HP said...

no other choice but to choose. damnit!

loved this post! :)

Preeti Sharma said...

Judge me not by what I like but by what I am. Because what I like may change. But then again, what I am may change too...And I may not be true to what I like. But then again, I may not be true to what I am either...No easy answer here.