Manual of Life - Alternative Definitions

Being shifted from a centre-row seat (which you didn't want) to a window seat (which you did) five minutes before you board

....only to discover that the four rows next to your new seat have six kids (between the ages of seven months to two years) straddling them, all of whom fall asleep only in the last half-hour of a nine-hour flight after having cackled, wailed, screeched, bounced, and romped about the entire time, while being almost entirely disregarded by the people who birthed them.

* Iron-willed self-restraint
* Himalayan headache
* Mandatory parenthood suitability tests
* Oi, smug lazy jerk, why don't you at least try to amuse/distract/soothe your kid who's cranky and bewildered because of being cooped up in a stuffy, high-pressured tube?


spark said...

it happens...!!!!

spark said...

but u r back....m i glad or wat :) :)
missed ya......

??! said...

Awwie...thank you. Is nice to be wanted.