I'm tempted to rip apart this 'defense' given by That Annoying Reporter, but I can't be bothered. I'm just not going to give her - or her channel - any more of my time.

I even had to create a whole new label because of her.


spark said...

all dat i managed to read was...
blah blah blah....blah.....blah blah....blah!!!!

...so much so...for our self-proclaimed face of Indian Journalism!!!!

km said...

Her bark-ha is worse than her bite.

??! said...


Aaaaaaaaaawesome. *bows before the master*

Asneel said...

don't you think that's a leetle harsh?

I mean she's not all that bad. Probably you should read this post which i read on another blog.

Falstaff said...

Actually, I have to agree with her. Their coverage wasn't illegal. It was biased, irresponsible, sensationalist and borderline nauseating, but it was entirely within the letter of the law.

km: dut! dut!

brinda said...

i think it's a bit unfair to pick only on her -- the sardesai creature was every bit as bad... and those children (ok, they call themselves reporters) on the other channels... cringe-making. and yes, they were all within the letter of the law simply because there *is* no law on this. yet. and "borderline nauseating"? borderline???? (imagine a voice as hysterical as that woman's, ok?)
km and falstaff: one day you will face the wrath of a woman punned

Tabula Rasa said...

some called harini calamur fisks that "what me worry" piece pretty darn perfectly. for more entertainment, check out the facebook group called "can you please take barkha off air".

km said...

Oh I can see the fat cats of NDTV smiling as they raise their advertising rates. The people of the Interwebistan are giving them a lot of free publicity.

//Brinda: *Shivers*.

Szerelem said...

eh - I couldn't read through that very long defense. Couldn't she be a bit more pithy? And she was hardly the worst - that Arnab Goswami and his Foxesque posturing made me want to puke.

??! said...

Oh they're all idiots. And she is that bad.

And welcome.

Yep, nobody can deny they did all that they were allowed to.

Hey, you pun too.

I did see that. Much hilarity.

They'll raise their rates anyway. Not like India has a proper TRP-checking system.

You obviously haven't watched 'India TV' then. Their call with the fake terrorist was surreal - Dekhiye desh ka sabse bada mujrim kya kehta hain.

Szerelem said...

zomg - seriously??!
Thank god I skipped it.

Space Bar said...

ugh. bleh. what's happening to you?

brinda said...

yes, yes, but i hate it when people get ahead of me with far better (worse?) 'uns than i can come up with :-)