sorry. Random nostalgic outburst over.


km said...

Second that, brother. (A complete 96-episode DVD collection was released recently and now I am thinking, "Xmas is almost here..")

25 years later, Fraggle Rock still remains one of the most original and eccentric of all children's shows.

??! said...

Oh you tempter. I just saw that on Amazon. 20 DVDs and all. Indulgence? Sacrifice? Gaaaaah!

brinda said...

Thank you both for that! Here's something in return :-) (i WANT that DVD collection... never mind christmas, can we have a decent exchange rate, please?)

??! said...

Dammit, now I'm addicted to that song.

And oi - the pound hasn't been lower in six years. Buybuybuy.

km said...

Brinda: I could watch that song for only 5 seconds before the guilt of not doing homework set in.

What a great intro song!

Chronicus Skepticus said...

If I ever get a dog, I'm going to call him Sprocket.

Actually, that might even work on a kid.

(Not that this means I'm having one or anything (Not that you asked, I know))

Awww, Fraggle Rock!

brinda said...

??!, the pound might be as low as it wants, the blessed rupee is worser :-(
and km, thanks again. homework guilt! that's why i get this strange sinking feeling when i hear that song even now. and i thought it was just nostalgia

??! said...


Ok I'm asking now. No babies, kya?

As for baby names, I keep wishing somebody'd name theirs 'Heyu'. So when you call out to them, you have to go 'Hey you, heyu'. Fun, no?

People, homework guilt? Fraaack, I just took the whacks and sat there with my French toast anyway.

??! said...

....Now why did I address that to myself? It should've been to KM and Brin.

Tabula Rasa said...

since NO ONE here has said it yet, it must be my job once again. so:


Chronicus Skepticus said...

No babies. And none in the near future neither.

So, sorry, we'll have to wait for yours to "Hey you heyu!".

Say, you're in town? Weather's better, no?