Why you won't find me blogging* till this is all over

"Do bloggers, journalists, writers and activists really matter at a time like this? What do they do, except stand at the sidelines and comment? You know how we always believe that the media has the power to influence thought and progress? Does it matter? A bunch of intellectuals analysing situations while people die on the streets?"

- Mudra Mehta

Words. Mouth. Taken. Wise, young 'un, wise.

In case you need more news,

Orange Jammies was putting up a live twitter feed.

And Vinu went out the streets to take some snaps.

* Opinion posts, I should have clarified. Information will be posted if important.


OrangeJammies said...

It's back on again, just FYI.

km said...

A bunch of intellectuals..."

Oh come on now. That is such an incredibly simplistic (and sentimental) argument.

(I know, times like these do make people say strange and sentimental things...)

Falstaff said...

To quote one of my favorite songwriters:

"If not now, then when?"

That statement would be just as true (or as false) if you deleted 'at a time like this', no?

Besides, what else is there to do?

??! said...

Thanks again.

Well, that was a little too much, but the sentiment still holds.

what else is there to do
Besides curse at the screen every 45 seconds you mean?

Mo said...

Lots of people live tweeted. Not sure you followed the #mumbai tag.

But yeah, point taken.

Falstaff said...

??!: Yes, exactly. I'm not blogging about this because I genuinely think I have the power to influence thought and progress. I'm blogging about it because it gives me the illusion of contributing in some way, which makes me feel more in control.

Plus this way I've done everything I could do. It's not much, obviously, and probably won't make any difference at all, but that's not a good reason for not doing it, is it?

The Bride said...

We don't always write because we labour under the illusion that we are making a difference. We write because it's instinct.

Shefaly said...

Some people cope by analysing things. If someone has a problem with that, they should look away. After all there are plenty of corners to hide on the web, no?