Dear Sir/Madam,

Further to the post on 'blogs as neighbourhoods' (re: (More) Thoughts on Blogging, dated Wednesday 24th September, 2008), I would like to bring to your kind attention that the concept described in the post above (hereinafter referred to as 'the previous post') can also be applied to a further instance, viz., parties.

As proof, I would like you to submit to you that the entire virtual domain of blogs (variously referred to as 'blogosphere', 'blogland', or 'bloggyworld') be assumed to be a standard party given at an individual's abode of residence. Keeping this in mind, it is my humble argument that blogs and bloggers can be compared to the generic personality-types that frequent such parties. In evidence, I propose that -

1) Some bloggers represent the effervescent personalities commonly referred to as 'the life of the party' (hereinafter referred to as Type A). These Type A personalities attract the most attention at the party, as everybody else is keen to either meet them or be seen with them. Complete attention is paid to any uttering made by Type A personalities, however banal and trite, and are invariably followed by a chorus of affirmations, exclamations about the insightful nature of the utterings, and exhortations to continue delivering more of the same.

2) At the self-same party, there are also exist those who mingle exclusively amongst their own friends (hereinafter referred to as Type B personalities), and who have attended the party only because their friends are attending too (this attendance is equally likely to be due to reluctant agreement under peer pressure, or because they genuinely wanted to attend and were supported by the afore-mentioned friend circle). Type B personalities usually make little attempt to get involved in conversations with those outside their immediate circle, although they may be open to following such conversations from a distance.

3) I would like to submit that such a party will also include the inevitable 'lonely soul' (hereinafter referred to as Type C personalities), who is determined to inhabit any ill-noticed position, either due to an innate shyness, or due to a desire to observe the events of said party without being involved directly. Type C personalities are not immediately forthcoming when approached, but are usually prone to become highly voluble about topics that they are particularly passionate about.

4) Additionally, the party includes 'speechy' and 'preachy' people (hereinafter referred to as Type D personalities), who can be counted upon to fulminate excitably on a range of topics, preferably those that are in the limelight of current affairs. This passion is often seized upon by mischief-minded individuals ('trolls', or Type T personalities) at the party to work Type D personalities into a frenzy, usually by making some derogatory remark about such topics, for the sole purpose of providing entertainment.

5) Additionally, a large number of bloggers may be classified as the 'standard guest' seen at the party (hereinafter referred to as Type G personalities), and who are content to enter, enjoy, and exit the party with a minimum of fuss. Type G personalities usually partake fully of all the opportunities the party provides, and are unrestrained in mingling with others, even those they may not already know.

I hope the above examples quite clearly support my original argument, and will be viewed as such by your good self.

I eagerly await your astute judgement of the matter, and kindly request you to expedite the matter at your earliest convenience.

Yours sincerely,


??! said...

Oh how I've wanted to do an "Official Indian Letter" post! The archaic language we stick to is just so hilarious.

brinda said...

Dear Sir/Madam
I perused with increasing interest the letter you have penned. The depth of your knowledge of the subject matter at hand (viz. Blogging) cannot be lauded sufficiently. However, I take my pen in hand to inform you about the sad fact that you have omitted the extremely useful word, to wit, "Hereinafter". Entire legal libraries have been built upon this word, and I am saddened that the modern generation feels that it can shorten it to "hereafter" with impunity.
I hope you will take this humble suggestion in the spirit it was made.
Thanking you
Yours truly,

??! said...

What? Aren't both accepted usage?

brinda said...

hereinafter is just a much more weighty, legal-sounding, pompous word... goes better with The Great Indian Letter, i think

??! said...

Dear Madam,


Yours editingly,

Shyam said...

Actually, Brin's sign-off should be "Yours editorially". :) My sympathies, ??! (I know what it's like to be struggling under Brinda's editorial thumb) :D

The Bride said...

Dear Sir-that-hath-no-name,

This is to kindly bring to your attention that from amongst the aforementioned, I humbly sumbit that the neighbourhood analogy is more apt.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Your humblest admirer

PS: I just cannot do it as well as Brinda. The legalese is not in me it seems.

Cynic in Wonderland said...

Let me bring to your kind perusal, another typology of blogging individuals - viz. the name droppers. Type N? They have a passing aquaintance with Type A which gets transformed into a BFF in casual conversations.

Cynic in Wonderland said...

( the temptation to join the archaic letter bandwagon is overwhelming)

Szerelem said...

I think I'm type C. What say?

??! said...

Oh, we'll get ours back (if and when she ever gets her own blog)!

Dear Ms. Spa-wanderer,

Your submission is duly acknowledged, with thanks given for your prompt response.


PS. It's an acquired art, but much fun if you persevere.

??! said...

Dear Cynic,

Your insights, as always, are astute and perceptive. Please accept my gratitude for your continuing cooperation in this matter.


??! said...

Aren't we all?

DewdropDream said...

FAO Ms. Brinda:

Dear Madam,

Your missive was found to be a highly informative and enlightening one. May I take this opportunity to earnestly urge you to pen more correspondence of such nature, more regularly? It would benefit the likes of us immensely. I do hope you shall consider my request seriousy.

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,

surabhi said...

Respected Sir/Madam,
I have followed your trail of noteworthy comments in the blogosphere to your humble abode, which i might add, seems to be to my liking.
In real life, this kind of trailing and this kind of liking might be seen as potentially dangerous, but in this land of www, i hope i will not be seen as a scarily forwardtype lady.

ps wanted to emulate your official indian letter language... but you seem to be the master!

??! said...

We should have a mass across-the-blogs "Brinda, start a frikkin' blog already!" campaign. What say?

You're bherry bhelcum. You are to being sur notes, or different surabhi altogether?

SUR NOTES said...

yup, surabhi of sur notes.

DewdropDream said...

:D Absolutely!!! Am up for it, who else is?

brinda said...

To M/s ??! and dewdropdream,
I must confess to being positively delighted by these requests from your kind selves for more of my poor epistolary efforts, perhaps on a more organised basis. However, it is with great sorrow and a heavy heart that I must refuse to oblige, since I do not indulge in this new age pastime of ‘blogging’. Let me hasten to add that I will, if permitted, continue to enrich my knowledge on an array of subjects as seen on your respective ‘blogs’. I will also be delighted to keenly participate in constructive dialogue and discussions in this and similar fora. I sincerely trust this will meet with the approval of both your good selves.
Thanking you
Yours sincerely

PS: was trying hard to fit in an "albeit" somewhere...

??! said...