The Thin Edge of Philosophy

"Well? What're you waiting for?"

(chuckles...briefly) "Look at you. Demand, demand, threat, demand. Me, me, I, me. Do you ever look beyond yourself? Do you ever stop to think about the rest of the world? Have you ever just once stopped and thought - maybe there's more than this. Maybe there's something greater and grander to life than this. Maybe there's a better reason for me being alive. Or, have you considered this, maybe there isn't? Maybe there's no point to it all, no point to going on like this, just...surviving and not really living. After all, what are you but one more person on one more street in one more neighbourhood of one more city in a world full of them, and that whole world nothing more than the merest speck in the eyelashes of time. Have you ever thought of that? That you're nothing, I'm nothing, we're all nothing but a loop that's been lived out again and again and again. Have you never wondered how many people before you have done, and how many more after you will do, the same things you have? Felt the same things you have - and how many have thought about how many have thought about these things. Don't you ever feel like a ghost - like nothing's real, like nothing you see or feel is really there, like...."


"Now tell me....does that feel real? Or is that pain, that blood, this knife all just "imaginary"? ...(sigh)... You could've just handed over your wallet quietly you know".


Banarmaramar said...

Wow, quite depressing isn't. The sort of thing one wishes that they had never read. Have you ever thought that there is a point and we are all getting it terrible wrong? Perhps one persons got it right, but we might just think he's weird and ignore, and if the point is ever revealed, we will all feel stupid.

??! said...

What a wonderfully weird name (a girl-band somewhere is hunting you down for murdering their idea).

And hello.

The question is though - if such a message was ever revealed, how would you recognise it was the message? Or, would anyone ever believe it?

shyam said...

I'm going to ignore the existential angst and simply admire the mugger whose violence is philosophy :)

Metrosexual Monk said...

yeah we're all just blindly following the 'system' and getting lost into seamless oblivion.
its got to a point where even if The Divine Himself came 'down' on earth, he'd be hissed away accused of being a weirdo.
and if such a message was ever revealed, the revealer would be accused of being a rambling mental.
the day yobs manage to churn that out, is when I go out offering wallet+phone myself.

km said...


Nice sound effect there.

??! said...

Is the point. Must not give lectures to man with pointy thing.

What you said.

Espeshully put in only for you! (and TR - but he's run away again)

Sunshine said...

whoever said u need reason to do what you do!!!!!

u wanna kill....KILL....but pl dont for christ's sake justify!!!

??! said...

Umm...you talking to me?

Sunshine said...

na re....not to u.....the person u wrote about ;-p

Lekhni said...

That you're nothing, I'm nothing, we're all nothing

He didn't stop you and say -"But the money in your wallet is something, so hand it over, quick!"

I am amazed at his patience, listening to your long monologue - maybe he was a little dazzled?