Funny, father

He waited patiently for them to ask him what he knew they would ask. In cases like this, the question - simple though it was - took a while to wade past the torrent of nervous excitement and exhilaration, before finally being blurted out in burst of devil-may-care bravado.

And so it was, that several long minutes after stumbling their way through a litany of their past and their beliefs and their hopes, the braver of the two youngsters asked him if he would marry them.

Ahh. Finally.

He smiled slowly, and then said, "But I can't do that. My order demands that I remain celibate".

And as he saw their smiles falter in confused bewilderment, he began to chuckle loudly, as he always did. It was such a funny joke.


km said...

I've been reading a lot of Nabokov these days and Vladmir would disapprove of this joke :)

km said...


The master would have thrashed me.

??! said...

That he would. Thrashed you, that is.

But disapproval on what count?

Pri said...

are you making fun of the pope again? good for you.

Renovatio said...

A kid (unmolested, so far) asked a priest:
"Father, besides praying, do you have any other enjoyable pastime?"
The priest tapped the kid's cheek (ah there we go, poor kid) and said calmly:
"Nun my son, nun."

??! said...

"again"? When did I start making fun of the pope?

Good one.

mockingword said...

Haven't you seen the monty python sketch?

Pri said...

i dont know. you're always making fun of the pope. oh and congratulations on your blog being so fucking fantastic.

Shoonyata said...

:) at least one non-celibate comment!

??! said...

now which one would that be? see, you must link to the youtube video. not the inquisition one surely?

and hello.

umm...why is it fantastic? (we're not denying, just asking).


Pri said...

oh i was just saying what the guy before me said. his comment has now been moderated.