Friday Fun: Food Fiesta

Mixed mood soup

Time Required:
An instant, spread over many years

Keep ready:
Seeds of doubt, handful
Bundle of nerves, shredded
Leaf of veil-of-secrecy, few
Pessimism, 1/2 glass
Juice of creativity, 1 large cup (overflowing)
Essence of bluemood, 1 tbsp
Guilt complex, 1 cube
Oil of apathy

Heat the oil and add the seeds till they begin to sputter. Mix in the nerves, and veil-of-secrecy, and fry well them till they go mushy. Add the pessimism, creative juice, bluemood essence, and guilt cube. Bring it all to a boil, and then simmer till the colour turns dark.

Best served while hot enough to burn the tongue.

Why you should not try this:
It makes you feel like shite, and will cause extensive disturbances to your mental equilibrium.

Non-vegetarians could add in some bheja. Make sure it's fried, though.


Space Bar said...

pessimism 1/2 glass was nice touch.

and guilt complexes are always cubed, aren't they?

??! said...

Wasn't sure whether it would be too cute. But obviously you like. so yay.

Mystique said...

aaah, of course. I think I'm unconsciously drinking this everyday.

??! said...

Join the feast, m'dear.