F3 presents....Nut-orange-y chocolate fudge

This one's for chocoholics in desert towns (who, incidentally, need to reconsider their blog address) who keep demanding choccy recipes, a certain chocolate critic, and other unnamed chocolate-lovers and bhukkads.

Besides, seems like the ideal thing to describe at the end of a cold and depressing news week.

Time Required:
Preparation - 3 minutes
Cooking - 5-10 minutes
Ready to serve after - 1 hour

Keep ready:
Dark chocolate (70% minimum), 175 gm
Grated rind of 1 orange*
Condensed milk, 1/2 tin (200 g)
Walnuts, 50 gm*

Break up the chocolate and place in a thick bottomed pan. Heat on low, mixing in the orange rind and condensed milk. Stir slowly but continuously, removing from heat when chocolate melts.

Break the walnuts into itty-bitty pieces (best way is to put in bag and then just bash it with whatever's handy till it's done...or till your aggro is spent), and mix in. Pour out onto square tray, smoothen it, let it cool for 5 minutes, then refrigerate till it sets and is firm.

Cut into 2-inch squares, and serve chilled.

Why you should try this:
1) It requires minimal effort - no baking, beating eggs, whipping cream or any of that.
2) Dark chocolate and orange. What more could you ask for?

Focus on:
1) Cooking it very slowly, and making sure the chocolate doesn't stick.
2) Not adding any sugar - the condensed milk quite offsets the bitterness of the chocolate.

* Variations:
1) Mix in a good lug (4-6 tbsp) of your spirit of choice - brandy, rum, or vodka suggested.
2) Ditch the orange, mix in some Irish cream.
3) Ditch the walnuts, add equal amount of pistas. Or add both, but 25 gm each.


Pri said...


i will make it i think.
this weekend.


when i was in school i would make this one chocolate ball thing with biscuit and cocoa and dry coconut and condensed milk. it was awesome.

Pri said...

who is f3?

when are we starting the ultimate quiz challenge?

Twilight Fairy said...

??! ? are u the same as the one who used to live in Gabs's comments section?

Space Bar said...

walnuts i like. pistas are yuck.

and who can ask for more tahn alcohol and chocolate?

Renovatio said...

You forgot Campari.

??! said...

Good. One is glad you (finally) approve. F3 = Fri Fortnightly Food. Quiz will depend on public approval. Post shall be posted soon.

Umm...probably not. What moniker does Gabs blog through, and at what address?

Really? But it goes well with this fudge.


That Armchair Philosopher said...

oooh nice. i especially appreciate your food posts :)))

oh, and - "aggro", "bhukkad" - words i haven't come across in .. eons!