A small ray of hope

What's really heartening about the operation on Lakshmi is not just that it was (so far) successful, but one detail from this Guardian story.

Specifically, that her small-village parents chose not to use her plight to their advantage, and give in to lure of making a bankload of money from the whole "Look, she has four hands, and her name is Laksmi - she must be a reincarnated goddess!" circus (can you not just see the lines of idiots ready to bow and grovel in the hope that some material offering would help redeem some of their wretched mistakes?).

And even hiding her from those who didn't have such scruples.

And actually getting her the treatment she so obviously needed, rather than letting her suffer for a few years till she died (at which point, she would be even more worshipped).

And they're from Bihar!

See Punkster, things can get better.


Revealed said...

things can get better. yayy. maybe maybe even people will stop setting ridiculous tests for grad students and then things will be better. for everyone.

??! said...

awww. bad week huh?

Pri said...

yeah and maybe networks will one day stop randomly canceling all my shows to show the damn country music awards!

The Bride said...

The BBC report I saw said that people in her village had started to worship her. But you do have a point that the parents resisted the urge to capitalize on it.

I find it touching that in the footage they showed, how normal she looked. The parents seem to dote on her and she seemed like a happy child even though apparently she had been ill for a long time.

??! said...

stop the TV cribbing woman! be happy you don't have to listen to only Aakashwani.

that's what I meant - even though everybody had started to worship her, her parents managed to remain sane.

and yes, wasn't she just so adorably cute?

Psyche said...

Didnt she look totally adorable? of just saw your comment.. you already said that.

Well... I hope she recovers faaaaast.

the wannabe indian punkster said...

Thanks, you.

*big hug*