Manual of Life - Little Trick No.23

If you want a glass of cool water, add the hot water first, then the cold. It mixes quicker.


TS said...

I don't believe that!

??! said...

tchah. such faith.

Cold water heavier, moves down/ hot water lighter, moves up, yes? So cold water absorbs heat quicker if being poured onto hot water, than if you wait for convection to do its stuff by putting hot water over cold.

QED. Voila. Yippeedeedoodah.

AakASH!!! said...

aah now THAT is what they meant by applied physics!

Szerelem said...

I do not buy that :D
But am willing to try!

on_trial said...

But if you have cold water, and you want cold water, why would you introduce hot water into the equation at all???

Because the cold water is too cold??

Can cold water ever be too cold???

??! said...

Cool water, cool. Not cold.