A marvel of engineering

Is when you sneeze while eating a banana*, somehow manage not to choke or spray the banana all over, and a minute later blow your nose....

(you know where this is going, don't you?)

...only to have a piece of banana pop out.

How disgustingly spectacular.

* Because you have a mild cold, not because you have a fetish for sneezing when eating.


AakASH!!! said...

:) Or appples for that matter.

Revealed said...

OK. Ewww. I might never look at a banana the same way again (or apples now).

??! said...

that's a bit hard, no?

then one's mission is complete.

Tabula Rasa said...

how did it taste?

Pri said...

what a beautiful story

Space Bar said...

i have tons of nose goo stories. i'm waiting for the right signs before i post 'em. this might very well be the first one...hmm.

??! said...

ok, ewww ewww ewww.

isn't it just? and to make things better, that piece of masticated banana even looked like a giant booger. how gross.

we have had one. about your son contemplating dal-like tastes. put up more. Is this an Urf?

Pri said...

dude i dont know. thats the same exact comment i left everyone that day.

Space Bar said...

that was eye goo.

now that youmention it, it's very urf-worthy, no? what'd'you think, flaffy?

??! said...

ah yes, one stands corrected.

Also, you know what would be your Urf? Mommy-blogging.

The Bride said...

Ugh. And I thought my truffle story was gross.