The 3F post (...or should that be F3?)

Hmm...aspersions have been cast on one's ability and talent and all-round ingenuity. To which one says - pbbbbbbrrrrrrrptttt!

And take this.

Winter, as mentioned a month ago, is the season for apples. But, also, soup.

Hot, thick, aromatic soups. With all sorts of base ingredients, and lots of seasoning. And root vegetables. And cream. And hot bread. Buttered. Lavishly. Mmmmm. So one presents -

Orange-and-Butternut-Squash Soup
Time Required:
Preparation: 5-8 minutes
Cooking: 15-20 minutes

Keep ready (in order of appearance):
Whole jeera
Vegetable stock
1 butternut squash, medium
1 potato, medium
Rind of 1 orange
Rosemary, thyme, oregano
Salt, pepper
Juice of 1 orange (or equivalent)
Tabasco (green would be ideal)

Heat oil and fry the jeera till they crackle. Add the vegetables, orange rind, herbs, and stock. Bring to a boil, then cover and simmer till veggies are cooked. Remove from heat, blend/puree, add seasoning, orange juice, and tabasco. Heat gently for a couple of minutes - but do not let boil.

Serve garnished with fresh green herb of choice (coriander/parsley/basil), and Hot Buttered Bread.

Why you should try this:
The combination of the squash and the orange goes oddly well, especially if the orange is not too sweet. Mix in the herbs, the jeera and the tabasco - you get a lovely sweet, sour, and spicy soup.

And if you're using fresh orange juice, and a really ripe squash, you get a wonderful orange-y colour.

Focus on:

1) Using a slightly-sour orange, to offset the sweetness of the squash.
2) If you can't find butternut squash, use a member of its extended family (pumpkins, marrows, etc). Although the butternut squash is the sweetest, one finds.
3) The potato is only to give the soup some 'body'. A medium one should suffice.
4) Don't overdo the seasoning. This is supposed to be a delicately mild soup, and you want all three taste-groups to come through - so little herbs, little tabasco. Gently does it.
5) Do not forget the Buttered Bread!


j. said...

verrah nice. if only it wasn't pushing past 30C outside. i don't think i can handle anything hot right now. unless it's one of those calendar-boy and model combinations. i could do with some muscle while shifting house.

??! said...

Yes, I see how that could be a bit of a bother. Try it in Jan?
Also, muscle-bound boytoy? What ever will the husband say?