Friday Funk(y)

* eh - Stephen Fry has a blog. As does Neil Gaiman.

* Say "widget".
Like so - wi-jit.
Now say "widget, widget, widget, widget, widget..."
Terribly addictive, very irritating to others. Highly recommended.

* If you look down, cover both ears tightly with your palms with your fingers on the back of your neck, and then start tapping the middle of your neck with one finger, you will get this dull gong-like sound echoing through your head. Surreal.

* Since BM doesn't blog anymore, is she still allowed at the proposed blog-meet with ph and Flaffy in October?

* Do people have unique knuckle-prints?

* Is any research being done to help reduce pollution by genetically modifying plants so that they have a higher rate of photosynthesis (thus reducing levels of CO2 more quickly)? If not, will you catch your friendly neighbourhood bio-geneticist and suggest this to them? And please don't forget to mention one's 5% commission from any patent royalties.

* Hummus-cucumber-tomato sandwiches taste surprisingly better after being lightly squashed against cut orange pieces.

* Has anybody ever read a sort-of fantasy book, about 150 pages long, which starts off with a boy in a strange magical land with no recollection about his identity, has a talking horse for company, concerns some journey of some sorts, and has a few conversations of the "Did that just happen? What did? That which just did. Ahh, but is what you think happened, the same as I think what happened?" kinds. Read just once, after being lent it by a friend long ago, the title of said book continues to elude, as the book itself is no longer locatable by said friend.

* Do people eat more fried foods on this day of the week? And if so, is it due to a subliminal association/suggestion with the name of the day?

* This weekend to try - Chocolate-and-date cookies. Recipe next Friday if successful.

Have a good one, folks.


Renovatio said...

I read a book once the name of which I can't remember at all where these folks went to another planet at the speed of light so they got to see themselves coming back and fought giant gnats with swords and eventually came to a point where they had to touch a stone that
would crack if they lied so they could go to the garden of eden and then came back and ate cheese and found that their world stank... (gaaaaaaaaaasp)

Chocolate and date cookies you say. I'll assume you don't want it to be chocolate chips, though that would leave you space for nuts. I like hazelnuts in my chocolate cookies.

Try mixing cooking chocolate into the batter, avoid sugar completely, and chop up the dates into teeny tiny bits and throw that into the batter too. See how that comes.

??! said...

weird book. will let you know if it crosses my path.

and no chips - Green & Blacks dark cocoa powder. And yes dear, the method planned was as you describe it. Might try walnuts though.

Tabula Rasa said...

green & black's rocks.

??! said...

TR: that it does, that it does.

btw - cookies result? waaaah!

Mystique said...

try brownies after the cookies.

??! said...

hullo right back at ya.
and brownies one is already a dab hand at.

IdeaSmith said...

The hummus cucumber tomato orange combo sounds horrendous but will try it. After all, I eat warmed up apple pie with slices of cheese. Dee-lee-cious!
...and hello to you too! :-)

??! said...

the way to do it is to make a normal sandwich. then keep it a too-small box where you've also decided to keep some cut oranges in. then carry in a bag and let mingle.
also, why does your blog not let me comment? Have tried on three different posts, and it refuses to come up. Comment moderation?

eM said...

i think you're talking about a horse and his boy? cs lewis? part of the narnia series.

??! said...

No no...Narnia books are quite clearly remembered. This was very vague - the boy didn't have a name, the horse didn't have one, the land didn't have one...oh well.

and hello, and welcome. And congratulations on the book-deal