"Lame excuse. Real bloggers can blog on stone, wood, fire and even water".
- The ever-reliable KM.

In some form or the other, most of us have remarked about how personal blogs are a form of navel-gazing.

Trying to figure out why you have one is just the extreme version of the sport (?).

Over these three years (fraaaaack!) I've come to understand why I'm doing so, and maybe understand why I'm doing it in the way I do. And some of them I'm even beginning to accept, even though I'm not sure of them.

Like why I don't blog spontaneously that often. Like why I don't spill frustrations and problems out here. Like how I'd rather people think I was lazy than correct them about why I'm not blogging.

Because that's my way of doing it.

Which only gives me more avenues to explore at leisure - why is that my way of doing it?


However, there's this little niggling guilt that's always there. As if I owe something to the blog. To all of you. To myself, to justify all the time spent on the blog so far. To all the drafts I make up and am just too lazy to type out (note to self: look up speech-to-text software).

And what I think I owe is to do it properly, rather than haphazardly, or because I think I should. So maybe I might just take an extended break till I sort this out. Till I figure out how I want to blog. And whether I'm a blogger, or just have a blog (yes, this old chestnut again).

Although, maybe that's just how I do like to do it, in which case I shouldn't fight it. And I might continue to remain erratic.

Who knows?

Have a waffle.
With melted chocolate and cream, of course.


km said...

You do know I was being sarcastic when I said that, yes? :)

When Jelaluddin Rumi was composing the Masnavi, his magnum opus, it is said there were times when all those great verses would simply flow from his lips. But then there were long, barren stretches, as long as 2 years, when he would write absolutely nothing.

My point is, if Rumi could go for 2 years without having anything to say, why should we, utterly insignificant mortals, feel guilty about taking a break from our blogs?

/And fear not - Times of India isn't going away anywhere soon.

blackmamba said...

(note to self: look up speech-to-text software).

sweet jesus! don't even think about doing that.

The fact that you can casually throw something like that in middle of all that soul-searching, is a clear sign that you are not ready for such deep psychological damage. please don't even think about thinking about it.

I am done.

Tabula Rasa said...

so much angst. and you never call, either.

dipali said...

Please don't vanish. I'll happily settle for erratic!

The Bride said...

Boo! If this is you tendering your resignation, NOT ACCEPTED. That said, this is supposed to be fun no? So just write whenever you want even if the rest of us salt away and die for lack of amusement.

Shyam said...

I'll take erratic over never, any day! Do NOT stop! (pweeeeease!)

DewdropDream said...

Erratic is good.

Else one risks doing what Gerorge IV (I think) did. Diary entry one day: "It rained heavily today".

And there are enough of THOSE lame-ass posts out there. So please, erratic is okay, just blog, we don't care at what frquency.

P.S: Not sure about speech-to-text software (Charlie Brooker tried that and the damn thing typed 'Offer fox ache' after one outburst, so ...) But, I found something quite cool: http://www.firebox.com/product/2227/Z-Pen?via=ser. Off you go!

brinda said...

No, erratic is not good. But if you're giving us readers a choice between erratic and never-ever-ever, I'll take the former. And then whine and carp about how infrequent and small your posts are getting. Deal? Now that you know that we all still wuv you, go blog :-)

Space Bar said...

what happened to my friday recipes?

and pimpages of awesome others?

and bicycle tales?

you put posts through the summer and i'll put up mango photos. deal?

??! said...

Yes, but it was still true.

So sweet you are, not going on about how obviously demanding of confirmation the post was.

I have been warned. I shall desist.