Sometimes I wonder how many people have wondered why they keep on going, since nothing matters in the end anyway.

I wonder if they then go on to wonder about this till the very end, even after believing it does not matter anyway.

I wonder if they wonder about the end, and about whether they will still be able to wonder then.

I wonder if at the end, they will be wondering about why they wondered if it does not matter.

I wonder why I wonder about this, when it does not matter in the end either.


NightWatchmen said...

Kim in Wonderland eh!!!

km said...

Are you trying to drive us all crazy? Or is this the precursor to your Cat Domination Plan?

scout said...

oho, you've got it all wrong - people never think that much about this - they kinda, sorta, start off going "hmm, does any of this matter?" but then get distracted by the black leather bag with the big shiny golden studs.

that's life. a series of distractions keeping you from getting upset over the meaninglessness of it all.

??! said...

Yup. Long-time resident. All letters to - Kim Title, Ponder Lane, Muse City, Wonderland - 42.

Whaaaaaat? Also, mrrrrrrrrrroowww.

No no no no. Fashion is a series of distractions meant to keep you from acknowledging it, and believing it just probably might be worth it.

Shefaly said...

Uh wugga wuh. Uh wugga wuh

Uh wugga wugga wugga.

I wugga wuh uh wugga wuh

Uh wugga wugga wugga.

- Richard Feynman in Surely, you're joking, Mr Feynman.

I believe it has a theme of wonder (I wonder why I wonder why I wonder why I wonder...)

Revealed said...

Ask Camus.

I always imagine him running (naked) up a cliff path and hurling himself off.

(I don't understand the naked part, either - I think I confuse him with Archimedes)

Anki said...

we are suckers for éxperience