A face-off between Destiny and Romance.

A man going hungrily for a triple prize, one that would bring all the acclaim in the world, against a man just trying to prove he was more than everybody thought he could ever be.

In the end, Destiny won out. Just.

But the Romance just got a whole lot stronger.


Such a strange turn of events. Two successive second Sundays, two successive epic five-setters. Except this time I was wishing against the guy I was willing on last year. Even though he played just as prettily, and just as gutsily.

And I know that if it was anybody but who he was playing against, I would have marvelled at the way he held it together, and maintained those awesome percentages all the way till the end, ruthlessly crushing the least sign of hope. As it was, I was just crushed for a good man who deserved more.


If the Swiss talks once more about how it's a remarkable achievement, and how it's such a great thing, and how he's staked his cleam to greatness .....

Seriously. Stop preening.


The Bride said...

How can he not preen? He got a special jacket and all, no?

??! said...

Let's not even start on the jacket.

Szerelem said...

Dude, come on! He hardly preens - given what he's accomplished. The jacket was insane - did you manage to see the waist coat he was wearing earlier on? That was even more insane - he needs less Anna Wintour influence.

Also, You prefer Roddick over Nadal? Really?

??! said...

You have to read the transcripts of his interviews. Without the context of his tone and facial expression, they sound so remarkably arrogant.

Also, pure baseliners bore me terribly. Which is why I didn't like Roddick's game either - till now, seeing how he actually comes to the net more than anybody since Henman. And for this match, given the backstory, I'd have wanted Roddick to win over anyone.

Confused n Baffled said...

preening?? i think he deserves the right to! :)

greatness isn't just the property of the underdog. sometimes the 'regular' amazing achiever has a stake.