I notice that VP Singh's been cremated already.

Serious question - Didn't the death of a former Prime Minister of the country use to mean a day or two of national mourning? Or at least a state funeral?


Space Bar said...

Precisely. Have you read the Badri Raina? It's on Blogbharti, and linked to from ym blog.

km said...

I believe the kids did get one day of chutti on Friday. Or maybe my nephew was just playing good old hookey.

Tabula Rasa said...

alternately, they looked around and saw all the news channels braying and bleating painfully anyway, and said okay, two birds one stone.

Lekhni said...

Three days of mournful sitar music on DD. I'm glad those days are over. I wonder how many kids started associating the sitar with mourning.

Shefaly said...

When 911 happened, a civil servant in the UK said, oh this is a good day to bury bad news. Remember? This, according to some, is similar.

I had no idea he was disliked so intensely for his Mandal commission thingamajig till I read some rather unkind obituaries.

OTOH, if they gave him a huge state funeral etc, I think the public might have decked an MP or twenty. So many ordinary people's deaths did pall over VP Singh's.

??! said...

I did too. And the others as well.

Right. That was exactly the memory I was thinking of.

Oh I don't disagree with the non-state funeral.

It just reeks of double standards though, because somehow I don't think it would have been so under-the-radar if it was AB Vajpayee who had popped it instead.

brinda said...

Raina said that about Vajpayee (naming no names, of course!) The other thing is, catch the Congress making even remotely respectful gestures towards VP Singh. I mean, the man actually called Rajiv Gandhi a thief (remember his campaign? Bofors and all) and then, once in power, apparently reduced Gandhi's security cover. And then Sriperumbudur and Dhanu... need I say more?

km said...

??!: I am most disappointed that VP Singh's death did not trigger a "former-politician-death-trifecta".

Spark said...

at many a places the flag wasnt even flown at half-mast!!!
Poor thing...didnt choose quite the rite time to die!!

??! said...

Yep. No love lost there.

30-day period, no? Still time.

Yeh hai India.