Bloggyworld is being quiet of late.

OTP left, Flaffy made brief cameo, Scouty's doing whoknowswhat, Falstaff's probably lying undiscovered in his flat under piles of research papers and unpublished poems, TR's busy giving gyaan, JAPpy-da is probably still busy staring at hotel ceilings across the world, Veena's tripping across Europe, Renovatio's still working his way to Oscar glory, Anki's following in his footsteps, Punkster's probably too worked up with feminist anger to even hold a coffee mug, Puppy M is too busy...ok I really wouldn't dare to make a guess, Wiseling's not writing, neither is CS, neither is Phanty (and no ode for you till you do), and Szerlem's (still?) too busy soaking up Delhi heat. Or rain.

The only people going strong (from my blogroll) are KM, Space, Lekhni, Pri, The Bride, and Mad Momma. And I see Biker Dude just redeemed himself.

Aur toh aur, (apart from the regulars) koi comment bhi nahin karta. Not just here. On other blogs too.

Daaaaahlings, we louuwww you. And yes, you're busy and all, but we miss you. Please to write.


lekhni said...

Hey, that's not fair, I do comment! Sometimes, I even turn up to comment on posts that have mysteriously disappeared :)

But you're right, everyone else seems to be busy. Not only do I miss their posts, I wonder if somehow being non-busy when everyone else is, says something about me ;)

Speaking of blogrolls, can you update yours with my new url?

??! said...

Not you, silly. All those others. Also, there's a post in what you say.

And updated!

km said...

I say it's time you invented fake commenters.

Space Bar said...

we comment. we comment.

(and we make it a point to repeat every sentence like a swiss mountain echo).

??! said...

NOT you baba. Ufff. We know you comment. That's why you get more love.

You mean like Puppy? Too much effort. Besides, hum thodi comment ke bhookhe hain. I like comments for the craziness, not for the numbers.

One Trick Pony said...

Lo, hamari bhi haazri laga lo.

likhte nahin, par pardte to hain.

??! said...

Yay! Tum comment nahin karte. Aur ab likhte bhi nahin, toh phir aur kaise mel-jhol hoga tumse?

Falstaff said...

Actually, far from being buried under research papers and unpublished poems, yrs. truly is on vacation - busy doing the circuit of London's museums and art galleries and making little notes to use on the blog afterwards - except that at this point I have so much material that it will take two months of blogging to do justice to it. 2x3x7 should return this weekend - except it may metamorph into an art blog for a while. Sigh.

??! said...

You're in the country? Did you get here before or after the latest bout of rain and wind?

Puppy Manohar said...

Dear Ms. ??!,

If you have read the archives (which you have, seeing that you have linked to really old posts of ours) you may have figured that our posts are the work of two distinct people.

I don't think it's that hard to figure out which posts are by me and which are by Baby V. And even in the posts that are tagged with both our (pseudo)names, you can, upon inspection, figure out which one of us has written what.

Coming to the comments: Yes, we do invent fake names and designations, but I think those are usually in response to what other people are saying and not to comment on the blog post directly.

Interestingly enough, we have commented on the blog with our real names / ids more than once (more out of laziness - one is usually signed in with real name) Also, neither of us has met any of the bloggers that you have mentioned in your other post.

Finally, thank you for noticing that we have not been posting recently. A serious attack of real life has occurred, which hopefully shall be dealt with in a timely manner. Regular programming will resume as soon as possible.


Puppy Manohar

"Like a rolling stone"

Szerelem said...

I'm not in Delhi anymore unfortunately :( Left a couple of weeks back so I totally missed the rains! I do want to update but real life has been hectic - work and trying to find a new apartment = no fun at all.

And I read everything - though I have been lazy about commenting :( Sorry!! Shall totally make up for it!

??! said...

Ok baba, SORRY. Will not again make the mistake of confusing you two. Twice corrected is more than enough for me.

And I figured everybody had a life. It was just to prod people into feeling bad. You can return the favour if I stop posting for more than 4 days.

So you got the steam, but not the shower? Poor you.

And now I feel bad about scolding you. Write post from new apartment (which incidentally, one is hunting for too. How strange.)

The Bride said...

It is trueee... People are getting lazy with comments. I've been writing a lot but not commenting a lot.

Anki said...

hey, we do read you all the time... ya well.. the commenting bit...
this one counts :D

Tabula Rasa said...

gyan? very funny, considering i was gallivanting with someone called giani.

wiseling said...
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wiseling said...

i'm on my way back. :)