"Why single out Forien Policy. India is sleeping on almost anything."
"Manish Kapur is a sickularist who is trained by his masters to insult hindu gods. Let he be blessed with a raw chicken." *
"Please keep your bloody mouth shut; dont throw all your shits on those kids."

- Comments on Rediff (produced in original glory).

Don't you just love these fellows? One should not make fun of unknown people who write in bad grammar - for all you know, maybe they're taking English in evening college, sandwiched between two jobs, hoping to move up in the world. After all, one can't write or speak in dozens of Indian languages oneself....but heck, these guys are just tooooo funny.

And curiously, the majority of commenters to columns on Indian websites are men. And nearly all the comments are full of rhetoric. So,
Option A: Do men need the feel to rant more than women?
Option B: Are women not as interested in these topics?
Option C: Do women realise these columns are daft, and comment on more discerning websites?
Option D: Is this some reflection on the Net usage/availability of men vs women in India?

One goes with a mixture of Options C and D.

* wah! Slogan/curse of the month -
Keep your shits, or be blessed with a raw chicken! Beat that, CS and BM.


The Cloudcutter said...

I say B. Women in India are too busy watching saas bahu serials or Sanjeev Kapoor's cookery show.

Revealed said...

I say you can't slot it into one of those conveniently alluring pigeonholes you've lined up for us. See, I don't think these men are ranting. I think they're defending their side of the argument (tomaytos, tomahtos, I know. But still). And also I think women are more wary about saying things forcefully or saying things that they are worried might be stupid. Men of course never worry about *that*.

??! said...

they have an argument to defend? one just thought they type it out with one hand, while the other is waving stridently in the air.

Anki said...

actually women don't visit rediff for intelligent debate on the affairs of the world
we prefer guardian, NYT and rolling stones
n given that i commented here... u now belong the same league

??! said...

see? one did say it was point C. and zank you.

Chronicus Skepticus said...

Man, there is NO WAY I can compete with that!

*bows low*