Dear Anonytrolls,

This is a warning.

Be nice.

Because if you aren't, then all one has to do is remove the possibility of anonymous posting. And since you wouldn't dare talk like you do without that protection, you would have to go and write bad graffiti on smelly walls. Which would probably end up with you catching some unsightly disease from touching said walls. And, despite your rudeness, one wouldn't want to inflict on you. Unless, that is, you are a particularly rude person. In which case you deserve it.

One could even include comment moderation, or remove the comment facility, or even take this blog private, but those are steps too far. But do remember, one holds the dice, the cards, the chips, the stuff. One writes the blog, not you, and one can shut you out when one wants.

One will write what one wants, and one will comment how one wants. One will do naatak if one wants, and one will be trivial if one wants. One may talk about bad Hindi music, or lots of luscious food, or play random word-games. Whatever one wants to, and whatever one feels like.

So go ahead and post random remarks, which one will attribute to your reading the said post through a red filter while standing upside down. One won't even mind if you don't bother to declare which no-namer you are (because heck, that's so much of an effort, isn't it?). And you can even butt into conversations between people who do have some common thread going across these virtual lives, because hey, we all have to start somewhere.

But be nice.

As the saying goes - if you can't stand the weirdness, go read another blog.


Anonymous said...

you got hate mail? goddamnit! everyone gets hate mail besides me.

??! said...

well, not so much hate mail, as do-not-like mail. apparently, some people don't like the melodrama we do in the commentspace. How sad.

Revealed said...

Tsk, tsk, such philistines. But one is now truly scared of you. What sinister sternness. One is not only scared, one is impressed. Muchly.

Umm, I hesitate to say this..mumble..mumble..finger nail gnaw..but uh would asking you to get an e-mail id and mail me classify me as a troll? Gulp.

??! said...

no no. one shall, one shall. soon.

Anonymous said...

oooooooooooo i am so scared that you will do all the things you said...threatening tone and all..my my how we hide behind our annonymity and threaten to take away some one elses..Grow Up!all blogs are self- promotional, feel-good- about- yourself cause noone or nothing in the real world makes you feel like that.tch tch

??! said...

one did not threaten - one warned. as long as you're not being daft, nobody's stopping you from commenting. one may be anonymous too, but one doesn't use that to be nasty elsewhere. See?
cause noone or nothing in the real world makes you feel like that
poor baby, the world don't love you?

Chronicus Skepticus said...

All I ever get is people trying to sell me goddamn viagra.

I'm beginning to worry that they know something I don't.

the mad momma said...

all blogs are self promotional and yet these trolls come to read your self promotion... they need to get a life .. what say?!

got here via compulsive confessor.. thoroughly enjoyed my visit. loved this post

??! said...

well hello there. and welcome.

yes, trolls are odd creatures. but then sitting under bridges would do that to them.

Anonymous said...

LOL! thats right. If I were sitting under a bridge all day and no one loved me I'd feel pretty trollish too I guess.... linked up to this post. Hope you dont mind!

The Mad Momma

Cee Kay said...

Came here via Mad Momma's post. Gee, I wish I had this kind of writing skills. All I do is write angry little posts on how anonymous commenters should stuff it. So boring that even anonymous commenters don't comment on them :(

:D Loved the post. Will proceed to read the rest of the blog. And if you don't mind, would like ot link to it on my blog.

Sukhaloka said...

Nice post, nice intro to your blog. Will be back for more. :D