The cold coffee
furtively to the freezing dinner
uncomfortable under my gaze
which avoids yours,
hurtful and glaring,
like the evening sun
that stabs over your shoulder
as you half-lean
and these petty arguments.


Purely Narcotic said...

Phew. What a ride! :)

Done reading through the archives and now I can go back to the present...armed with more recipes! (Where's that tofu chocolate cheesecake, by the way?)

??! said...


Wow. Some patience there. And I am flattered. (How did you get here, btw?)

And I will put up the cheesecake recipe. Someday.

Purely Narcotic said...

Heh. Yes, Seriously.

It was more of a rollercoaster ride, not knowing what's going to come up as I dug through the archives. Less patience, more fun ;)

I got here from Scout's previous blog. Used to read you on and off till you spoke about anonymous blogging and how everyone tends to assume you're female or something like that. Had to dig and find out for myself.

We now know you're male and perhaps Parsi(I could be wrong). :D

??! said...

Ooooh, my very own detective-stalker. What fun.

And glad you liked what you read.

Purely Narcotic said...

Haha. I was just guessing. And hey, since when did reading through the archives amount to stalking?

But since we're all about flattery,we shall indulge! ;)