You hear that?

That's the sound a stupid law makes when it's finally overturned.

Bloggyworld seems to be surprising quiet about something as momentous as this. Nothing on the major community news blogs, or the more active bloggers. Or maybe I'm just not reading the right ones.

Either ways, it's yayness time.

Poor cops though, one less easy money-making scheme taken away from them.

P.S. For erudite and well-researched analyses of what this means for India, you have to check out that fount of wisdom and knowledge - the Rediff commentboard.

I mean, before this I hadn't realised male-gay sex = bestiality. And, of course, I hadn't also realised that 'gay sex' only referred to that performed by men, and that I was wrong in assuming that lesbian sex happens too.

Seriously, much education.

(KM, mind that coffee/keyboard/ lap/nose).


Space Bar said...

that's because all the action is on fb. every second there's a new status message. i'm sure twitter is the same.

:-) the world moves on. only rediff boards stay the same.

km said...

From the ruling: "discrimination is antithesis of equality".

And "wet is the opposite of dry"?

I do want to read that 100-page ruling when I have some time. There's some really interesting stuff in there.

mind that coffee/keyboard/ lap/nose.

Fear not. For Rediff message-boards, I use a special keyboard.

Vaudevillian said...

that link to rediff's message boards.

Thank you.

The Bride said...

Yeah, the comments are more enlightening than the news reports. A flavour of the hideous thoughts that go through people's minds and that they're not embarassed to share.

Cynic in Wonderland said...

i was really pretty impressed by the speed at which they converted it. i assumed it would take a few more years for it to actually happen.

blackmamba said...

the keyboard comment brings this to mind. I think rediff message-boards can cause this --


??! said...

Bit too violent for Unkelji, no? He's probably snorting away while watching that too.

blackmamba said...

??!: who knows, maybe KM is the one behind that mask :) Those are really mild geeks like KM doing that abuse. The one in the shorts is a friend.