Friday Fun: Fact/Fiction

(I sometimes make these things up. And I sometimes don't.)

Apparently, the latest must-have requirement for a fashion model is something called a 'thigh gap'. Which of course means that teenage girls are going to insane lengths of anorexia to achieve it, even though it's extremely difficult to manufacture one (unlike, you know, building muscles).

I suddenly realised that despite all my years of uber-hyper-appetite, I have one of those.

I'm not sure whether to:

1) Be utterly mortified and rush to the nearest gym and start doing heavy barbell squats to rectify the situation.
2) Get onto the forums where girls discuss this and troll them into tears by crowing about my genes*.
3) Just wax my legs and earn money by modelling (print, most likely).

Choices, choices.

* In the hope that they'd see the inanity of their actions and drop this pursuit, of course. I am a good person, after all. No, really.

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